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Coloring the History of Gig Harbor

“Coloring the History of Gig Harbor" is a children's book featuring engaging illustrations and informative text, highlighting important events, landmarks, and figures from the city's past and present.


Veterans Banners

In 2018, the Downtown Waterfront Alliance initiated the Veteran's Banner Project, a heartfelt tribute to our local heroes. Purchase a banner to honor your first responders.


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Data & Surveys

The Alliance carries out seasonal traffic and parking assessments, as well as zip code surveys, for the downtown waterfront. The valuable data is collaboratively utilized by the Alliance and the City of Gig Harbor for further analysis.

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Waterfront Flower Baskets

The Downtown Waterfront Alliance procures the flower baskets that adorn the downtown waterfront during the summer season. These stunning displays are diligently watered by dedicated volunteers daily.

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Historic Home Signs

In 2019, the Downtown Waterfront Alliance introduced the inaugural Historic Home Plaque, designed to narrate the tales of historic homes and the families who resided within them.

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