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Confessions of a Girls Night Out Veteran

About the author:

Cathy Hodges is Gig Harbor's LEGENDARY Girls Night Out participant who, along with her family and friends, knows how to make the most out of

Gig Harbor's premier shopping and dining event!

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Hello Gig Harbor!

Guess what? After two long years, there is some exciting news!

It's back and it is time to Save the Date!

I am SO excited to share that

Girls Night Out

will be happening on…

November 10, 2022!

Mark your calendars because it’s time to "Shop & Dine from 10-9"!

I can’t wait to share updates, insights, information, and planning strategies

to help you make your amazing day of shopping and dining

something you won't soon forget!

Check back here for more information you won't want to miss!

1 Comment

I would like to comment and say i am so disappointed in Girls Night Out in Gig Harbor last night. I was appalled that most of the vendors would not give you any give away's unless you had the bag. I and 4 other women in my group bought the coupon books for $15. Most of the places would say, where is your bag ? No bag no gift ! So why would they sell the coupon books when you really couldn't use them ? Some of the vendors even said did "did you buy your bag here with us?" ... Ridiculous. There will need to be some changes if they want this tradition to continue.

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