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Confessions of a Girls Night Out Veteran!

How to use the Coupon Book & Event Guide

The activity that I actually LOOK forward to IS designing my ‘plan of action’ for Girls Night Out! This Thursday, October 27th I will be purchasing my Girls Night Out Bag along with all of YOU! Although we will pick up our purchased bags on the day of Girls Night Out, on Thursday we will get to walk away with the Coupon Book and Event Guide!

So, what do we do with the Coupon Book and Event Guide?

You will want to open your Coupon Book and Event Guide when you get the chance to do so, definitely before Girls Night Out happens, because you will want to check out what this day will bring. You have two weeks to invite your friends to join you for a fun-filled day, figure out what timeframe you have/want to spend downtown, and even have the opportunity to strategically plan all your shopping activities, your stops for great food, and plan where you want to be, depending on the activities happening at each store.

What will I find in the Book?

The Coupon Book has all the information we need! Yay!! It will include ALL the participating merchants who are planning for your arrival during Girls Night Out, maps of ALL the store locations, coupon specials, in-store activities, and door prize information! It will also contain maps of the shuttle route and stops, as well as all the water taxi details for our convenience to help us comfortably get around town!

If you know me, you already know that I will be anxiously scouring the coupon book to see what all the participating stores in the Gig Harbor Downtown Waterfront have in store for US! And, Yes! I have been known to create my own map and schedule of where and what I will be doing for the day! I try to hit every store on the list! I know that is ambitious but I will make a great effort!

Items to have with you during Girls Night Out

*Coupon and Event Guide - You need this to pick up your bag, as well as have your coupons and such needed when you are at each store

*A list or map of where you want to go and what you would like to do. This can be as much or as little as you want. Some people are fine just letting the day dictate your time.

*Address Labels - One thing that helps me is to bring along my address labels with my information. If you plan on participating in store drawings for door prizes having your preprinted labels will save time!

*Comfortable shoes!

*Bring your friends! It’s always fun with friends!

*Girls Night Out Bag - You will look fabulous carrying this fashionable bag, and you have a way to carry all your great purchases!

Do Not Forget!

In order to fully take part in all the day’s activities, you will need your Coupon Book and Event Guide with you to claim your bag on 11/10 when you go back to the store where you bought your bag. You will also need your Coupon Book and Event Guide to use the included coupons and claim any complimentary items from the stores.

See you on Thursday, October, 27th!

I plan on stopping by to purchase my bag and coupon book before I head to work.

Let the planning for Girls Night Out (November 10th) begin! :)


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