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Confessions of a Girls Night Out Veteran

About the author:

Cathy Hodges is Gig Harbor's LEGENDARY Girls Night Out participant who, along with her family and friends, knows how to make the most out of

Gig Harbor's premier shopping and dining event!

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It’s time to start thinking about Girls Night Out!

Have you noticed? The leaves are beginning to change colors, the air is feeling a bit crisper and the days are a bit shorter. Observing these signs of change reminds me that the holidays are just around the corner! That also means it is time for me to plan for one of my favorite festive activities that will be happening this year!

Girls Night Out is happening November 10, 2022!

Things have changed in this post-Covid world so I am sure you all wondering “What should we expect this year at Girls Night Out?” Well, some things will be familiar and some things will be new. One of the main aspects of Girls Night Out is the Red Bag. This year the Girls Night Out bag has been carefully chosen with a focus on a fashionable, better-quality bag. Everyone will be receiving the same bag with the same items from the Downtown Waterfront Alliance. They will include a limited-edition Gig Harbor beanie that matches your bag and a holiday light-up necklace. Also included when purchasing the bag will be the all-important Coupon Book and Event Guide.

Some of you may be wondering what happened to all the other goodie bag items that used to be included in the bag in the past? Do you remember picking up your Red Bag the morning of the event and dumping out all the contents on a table in order to figure out what was needed or wanted so you could try and figure out what was necessary to participate in the store activities? It took a lot of time to get ‘my act together’ and it was always a “search and find’ mission once I got to my destination. This year many of the merchants will be offering complimentary items, but rather than finding them in your bag you will receive them when you visit their stores. Merchants will include all the details of their in-store activities, special items, coupons, information about possible drawings or even door prizes in the coupon book and event guide. Since you receive that when you pre-purchase your bag, you will have two full weeks to scour all the details and plan your day.

Because you will be “Shopping and Dining” all day long, to help you get around there will be a Girls Night Out Shuttle service as well as the Riviera Water Taxi both of which will be offering complimentary transportation throughout the day. What a convenient way to get around to all the participating stores and restaurants!

It will be the fun, social shopping and dining event you’ve come to expect!

Goodie Bags $25

Pre-sale for the bags will begin on Thursday, October 27 at 7:00am at soon to be announced select locations.

More details to follow!


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