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Cofessions of a Girls Night Out Veteran!

The Girls Night Out Bag

Excitement is in the air!

First of all, did I say I am SO EXCITED that Girls Night Out is happening this year?! Hahaha! I think I have, but I will continue to mention it! You DO NOT want to miss out! We have all been waiting for this fun filled, holiday happening, friend and family sharing, gift shopping, tastebud adventure, Girls Night Out day to happen! This popular event is right here in Gig Harbor. You don’t have to travel far and the shops along The Gig Harbor Waterfront are going to be a buzz of fun activities all day long!

When and where do we buy our bag?

Can you believe there is only a little over two weeks until the presale for the GNO bags and coupon books? On Thursday, October 27th, beginning at 7:00am, the bags go on sale!

You will be given the coupon and event guide at this time at any of these bag sale locations:

AR Workshop Heritage Distilling (downtown)

Boujie Perfect Balance Photography (by Morso)

dolly mama boutique (on Pioneer) Tickled Pink/Weathered Cottage Fox Island Trading Company Treasures 4 Humanity

You will pick up your bag on November 10th at the same place you pre-purchased them and then off you go for a fabulous day of fun!

Have you marked October 27th on your calendar yet?………. Have you?……….Go ahead……..

I’ll wait!

Trust me! You will be glad you did! It’s good to be prepared!

How do I get my bag?

You choose a listed location above to pre-purchase your bag. If you can’t make it to the presale, make arrangements with your friends to buy your bag for you. It is still only $25! Every year I get up, grab a hot beverage and get in line to pre-purchase my bag. You can feel the excitement in the air while in line. I usually see many friends who join each other in the line to buy their ‘spot’ in Girls Night Out. I also meet those ‘appointed’ people who have been chosen to pre-purchase bags/coupon books for their group. That’s ok too! We do whatever it takes to pre-purchase our bags. In the past the bags have sold out, so planning ahead is a good idea! There should be plenty for everyone!

Are you still not sure if you would like to join in on Girls Night Out?

Well, there are SO MANY reasons why you should want to join in!

  1. By purchasing a bag you are helping to raise money to benefit the Gig Harbor Downtown Waterfront Alliance. These funds help support all the great downtown activities throughout the year. Here is a link to what the GHDWA does:

  2. Not sure where to buy your bag? Take a look at your choices and join your friends for a hot beverage after you make your purchase. (Another chance to get together with friends!)

  3. You have a whole day (or whatever amount of time you have) to join in on all the fun activities set aside for November 10th!

  4. Your friends will be there! No FOMO here! :)

  5. You’ll have the fashionable bag, matching beanie, and light up necklace that will LOOK FANTASTIC ON YOU! You will be warm, you will look festive, and you will be ready for those fun selfies! “Cheese!”

  6. You will need the all-important Coupon Book & Event Guide to claim item at participating stores.

  7. You’ll have a fashionable bag to carry all your newly purchased items! And a lot of your gift purchases will be taken care of before the holidays! “Win! “Win!”

  8. You get to spend the day with some of your favorite people!

So………Did you mark October 27th on your calendar to purchase your bag? And did you mark down Girls Night out on November 10th?

I’ll wait………………:)


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