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Shaped by our maritime heritage, the Harbor is a reflection of our past and the foundation for our future.  The Harbor is:

  • A vibrant place where residents, visitors, and boaters enjoy a walk-able waterfront, picturesque views and the natural environment.

  • A place that celebrates and perpetuates the character and traditions of a working waterfront and preserves historic neighborhoods.

  • A place that supports and values local retail shops and services.

  • A place that provides services for recreational and commercial boating.


The Harbor is a place where people live, work, play, shop, and explore.


We are Gig Harbor’s Downtown Waterfront:


We are a place tied to a history that predates European settlement. Native Americans first lived in this safe harbor.  Later Croatians launched our commercial fishing industry that remains alive to this very day.  Scandinavians brought businesses to our town and immigrants came to the area from across the nation and Europe.  This heritage is not just part of our past.  We remain a place where our connection to the water provides a living for generations of families. 

Today, the water is not just a place of work; it is a place of recreation.  Our Canoe and Kayak Racing Team are national champions. Locals enjoy a more leisurely pace whether by paddle, sail, or motor.  And visitors get a warm welcome at our docks where they can walk, dine, shop, and even drink a local beer.

Gig Harbor is a place with captivating beauty.  Everywhere you look there are scenes of uncommon splendor:  watercraft of all shapes and sizes, historic homes and businesses, open views across the harbor, and those amazing moments when “the mountain” towers in the distance.  

Gig Harbor is a place deeply connected. A stroll along our waterfront will bring you past historic netsheds, a stunning museum, the area’s largest collection of independent businesses and restaurants, and lovely parks.  Our events bring the community together throughout the year. People gather here at festivals, concerts, films, gallery strolls, or family nights out. 

We are a place where our past inspires our future, knowing that we can preserve what is great about this place while continuing to make our downtown waterfront and all that it means to us even better.   

We are Gig Harbor, Washington…Tied to the Water.   

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