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The Gig Harbor Waterfront Alliance promotes economic vitality by maintaining a historic waterfront community that attracts diverse businesses and people through collaboration, outreach and activities. 


The Alliance

  • Values Gig Harbor’s unique heritage

  • Assists in gathering the community for cohesive decision-making

  • Creates and provides opportunities for engagement and socializing

  • Supports a vibrant and welcoming district

  • Knows and promotes that “every business matters”

  • Is a sustainable, balanced organization


  • Be relevant, adaptable, sustainable, and have value

  • Inspire partnerships

  • Be ambassadors to educate and bring people in (stakeholders not located downtown)

  • Branding – people know who we are, what we do, and how they can participate 

  • Build an even stronger volunteer program

  • Create funding avenues that all stakeholders contribute to / sustainable funding

  • Provide top-quality programming

  • Be a leader in the future of our waterways

  • Be a leader in gathering and reporting relevant data

  • Don’t be complacent, challenge ourselves

  • Get more young people involved

  • Be a resource for small businesses, especially new businesses 

  • Maintain a strong relationship with the City

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